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Get Your favourite merchants on board and receive up to $100*

At My Rewards we understand whilst we have approx 4000 merchants offering up to 20,000 different offers and members' only privileges, sometimes we don't have your favourites in our program. So if you sign up your favourite merchant, store or supplier you could receive a $100 Wish Card *.

Give us a merchant referral and get a $20 Wish Card*...

member get rewards

If you don't want to sign the merchant yourself, simply send us their details and our dedicated merchant acquisition team will contact them to see if they will come on board. If your referral is successful you will receive a $20 Wish Card. To recommend a merchant, Click here »

Merchants can promote for

promote free business

It's free for a merchant to promote their business...make us an offer and we will tell our members... it's really that easy. If you want to know more about what a merchant gets and what they need to do click here for More details »

Members get merchants and get up to $100*

merchant gets member

If you sign up your favourite merchants to the program and their offer fills the pre-set criteria ( click for details)* you will receive up to $100 Wish Card for signing them up. It's easy money! Click here »